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In Military Accoutrements / Air Force / Navy & Police / Masonic Regalia / Flag & its all accessories manufacturing Industries of Pakistan holds a history of more than 70 years, when some British Military Tailor Master came from UK & got their Highland / Scottish Wears & Musical instruments repaired persons from their skilled workers trained our forefathers at Sialkot where we are living and that was the foundation of Sialkot In Military / Air Force / Navy & Police Uniform manufacturing Industries with Masonic Regalia & Flag items.

THE VICE OF WORLD EMBROIDERY CENTER is celebrating 70 years of excellence in the designs and manufacture of best quality products. We have very vast experience in the line of manufacturing. Our chief aim is utilize all our hard worker and technology towards developing superior quality products by chain system with latest machineries. We produce the products according to international standards. Our products carry a warranty against manufacturing defects.

We are devoted to servicing and delivering the good quality products according to their specific requirements. Quality is a global commitment for us.

Today, after the progressive development began with the introduction of different automatisms in the production processes, We reached the marketing, the technological research of different materials, the most exclusive design and new products packaging system.

From the procurement of raw materials to packing, all the phases of the process are conducted under the same roof. This ensures and facilitates our interference at any stage of the process, which makes it possible for us to achieve perfection. Our technical personnel can attain any degree of technicality, ranging from the slightest variations to complete redesigning and production of entirely new items. 

WORLD EMBROIDERY CENTER" is all this. A dynamic firm among the all Military Uniforms / Masonic Regalia & Flag items etc Manufacturing Companies, continuously aiming at the markets conquest, and we are going to achieve day by day all the global market.

We are pleased to introduce this new web site showing the main products, confident that it will be a handy reference for our unique range of products that are useful, trusted and popular throughout the world.

With best wishes to all visitor.

Sincerely yours,

Mohammad Shafique



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